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Con Law Education Project (CLEP)

Our goal is to promote and enhance the instruction of
constitutional law in the high school curriculum.


We provide textbooks, a teacher’s guide to our textbook, a conduit to other sources of lessons, workshops for teachers, a free newsletter, curriculum units, and a clearinghouse for lessons and ideas.


The CLEP newsletter is keyed to the student textbook and will now be designed to supplement our new blog. (The 2017-2018 school year will be our 15th year of these informative newsletters!) These are real assets for teachers of Con Law and Civics in high schools.


The director of the project, Rich Kitchens, is an attorney and has taught "Constitutional Law" and "Law and Society" at Piedmont High School for 27 years. His curriculum has been shared and enjoyed at numerous conferences and workshops and won awards from Court TV.  To see Rich Kitchens’ former classroom, check out:


Rich will be presenting strategies and ideas at the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) national conference in November. In two sessions, he will outline "Teaching Civics as a Course in Constitutional Law" and "Ten Cases, Taught Ten Different Ways." Go to our "Conference/Workshop" page for specifics on these presentations.

Specifically, our charge is to provide practical techniques for teaching in general, and law-related material in particular, content knowledge in key law-related subjects, and curriculum that enables you to integrate law-related subjects into existing courses or fully implement entirely new courses in Constitutional Law.


Visit this site and explore the possibilities. Contact Rich Kitchens for more information about the summer workshop or to see the materials we make available.

Since the mid-1990s, Rich Kitchens has demonstrated "Teaching Civics as a Course in Constitutional Law" (among other topics) at conferences and workshops to teachers and administrators in Sacramento, San Diego, Oakland, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Burbank, Ontario, Phoenix, and Monterey. He presented at the NCSS conference in New Orleans in 2015 and again in 2017 with colleague Dave Keller. 

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