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Constitutional Law (5th) (version 5.04) student textbook, two vol., copyright 2017, in GoogleDoc format, by Rich Kitchens



Constitutional Law (5th) (version 5.04) student textbook, one vol., copyright 2017, in paperback format, by Rich Kitchens




Constitutional Law Teacher’s Guide (5th edition, 2017) (version 5.04) (seven vol.)  (free if 30 or more email licenses for student text are also ordered) (will be sent to you as Google Docs)




Single copy of Con Law (5th) AND Con Law Teacher’s Guide (5th)—both emailed to you in GoogleDoc format

and    978-0-9976053-3-4    


Constitutional Law Teacher’s Guide (5th edition, 2017) (version 5.05) (eight vol.)  — CD only (Price includes shipping and handling): Free with a class order of at least 30 student paperback texts




Tax (9.0%)


(see below)


Process for Ordering the DIGITAL Student Textbook and the DIGITAL Teacher's Guide

NoteStudents will be emailed the two student text volumes to the email address provided by the teacher. (Teachers can input student email addresses themselves if they wish and then click to “share.” CLEP will then confirm and permit the “sharing.” Alternatively, teachers can send in the student email addresses directly to (see next page) and we will give the appropriate sharing permissions.) Textbooks will be usable by that student only. The student textbooks will be shared to the student’s GoogleDrive. The student text license is for the school year. The teacher will receive a complimentary copy of the student text. 

The Teacher Guide will be fully editable, reproducible and usable for the teacher as long as she or he desires. Updates will be made available yearly and are optional. 

SHIPPING/HANDLING CHARGES for Paperback Student Textbooks

1 copy: $11.00

Other orders within California: 12% of SUBTOTAL
Orders from outside of California: 16% of SUBTOTAL

For ordering DIGITAL student textbooks, please complete this form and email as an attachment to conlawed@gmail.coom

Teacher Name:  


Student email addresses where the two volumes of Con Law (5th) will be sent. (Please type carefully). For each student email address the school will be billed $5.00, plus tax:

 Contact us at: or 925-338-1858

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