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Teacher's Guide to Con Law (version 5.04)--version 5.04 


Teacher's Guide to Constitutional Law (5.04)

Teacher Guides are available FREE for an order of 30 or more student textbooks! For ONLY $60, it is available on a convenient CD which is yours from which you can reproduce and edit all the material! This is an incredible value itself--of more than 1000 pages-- with dozens of lessons, lecture outlines, homework assignments —all reproducible—as well as the answers to the more than 200 problems posed in the Constitutional Law text. Also included are many web links to keep your teaching INTERACTIVE. Included on the CD are 20 PowerPoint presentations...ready to go!! If ordered on its own as a GoogleDoc, the cost for the Teacher's Guide to Constitutional Law (5.04) is only $30. If you order the CD, you get the Teacher's Guide--in both PDF and MS Word format), more items, including the items mentioned, all for $60 (which includes shipping and handling). 

*      In-depth answers and evaluation rubrics to the more than 200 problems posed in the textbook

*      A rich source of ideas about the ways to teach Con Law

*      Selected edited court decisions, reproducible

*      Lecture outlines such as “Rules of Evidence,” “Direct and Cross-Examination,” “The Nine Old Persons,”  “Outline of the Criminal Justice Process,” and many others

*      TWENTY Power Point presentations on “Sexual Harassment,” “Privacy,” and many, many other topics are included on the CD

*      All the materials you need to organize and run a class Mock Assembly

*      An actual criminal case court transcript from which students will analyze search and seizure issues

*     Examinations in multiple choice and essay formats, with suggested answers

*      Scores of web sites, updated, with suggestions for integration into Con Law

*      Alternative exercises that can be used in place of or in addition to those in the text

*      Two original mock trials with witness statements written by Rich Kitchens



Constitutional Law is published by the Constitutional Law Education Project. Call or email us for a FREE copy of the student text today: Call: 925-338-1858. Or email: 

If you purchase a class set of Constitutional Law (version 5.04), you are entitled a FREE COPY of the eight volume Teacher's Guide (5.04) in GoogleDoc format.

*      New lessons not previously included in other Teacher’s Guide's

*      The latest web sites

*      Information on the latest cases that update your version of Con Law

*     Free weekly newsletter to supplement the text and Teacher’s Guide

 Contact us at: or call Rich Kitchens at 925-338-1858.


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